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So.... I'm sitting here trying to write a professional bio and stuff. I'm just going to give it to you straight. I LOVE tattooing. Throughout my life I've always felt one with art. A pencil and paper have literally been an extension of my hand and lap since a very young age. My parents always supported my passion for art, but were kind of on the fence about tattooing when I aspired as a teenager. Nowadays mom and pop are pretty proud and I'm lucky enough to tattoo and share the lifestyle with my family.


Being From small town Minot, North Dakota raised a military brat, it was pretty tough breaking into the tattoo industry. This thing called the oil boom happened and tons of people flooded to the western ND area, and with it Psychward Tattoo came to be in 2011. Months after they opened I got some balls one day and begged for an apprenticeship. With the help of my master artist Paul Roberts and many other amazing people, dreams really do come true. After completing my apprenticeship I had decided to move my children and I to Fargo to start an amazing new chapter in 2013.


As an artist I've been fond of vibrant color styles like watercolor, realism, and floral. I also love vintage black and grey with high contrast. Complicated line work styles, like sacred geometry and mandalas are a lot of fun. All in all though I'm pretty free spirited and am well rounded in a variety of styles From traditional Japanese to cover ups to landscapes. Shoot me a text and we can talk about what inspires you and how we can make your tattoos come to life.

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