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  • Will pierce almost anything. I will not pierce lingual frenulum.


  • Apprenticed under Jeff Sutton of Mile High in CO, at Addictions

  • Attended several APP conferences, and am a former member

  • Piercing since 2003


  • I have wanted to be a piercer since I was 14.

  • Between working at Addictions and Dead Rockstar I have one of the longest running streaks piercing in Fargo.

  • I do most piercings, just ask. I will not do the lingual frenulum so don't ask.

  • I have attended several APP conferences, and am a former member.

  • I am and will always hold myself up to the standards of the organizations as far as cleanliness, aseptic techniques and jewelry quality.

  • I like animals of all kinds, as you would see if you visited my house. Please don't unless you bring cookies or kitties.

  • I like to play MMOs, even if I'm not that good.

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